Cultural Warriors, Horace Andy - Money

10-11-2018, 17:32 49 0 Red Fox
  • Год: 2018
  • Размер: 4.48
  • Длительность: 03:15
  • Качество: 192
  • Входит в плейлист: Регги-пляж
Cultural Warriors, Horace Andy - Money

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I’m counting this money
Show money
(Verse): 1
Running with the clique though
Clique SS double S dollar Signs boy
Money don’t sleep, so I don’t sleep
Man I got bags under my eye’s
I’m going so hard for that duffle bag, that brown paper bag
It don’t matter what bag unless it full of money, whoo!
BBC smoke good! BBC drink good, Damn! We some young dudes tryna live good, whoo!
Drug money, show money, side hoe money, it don’t matter I need more money
Hater had the nerve to ask me why I rap bout money (Hol Up)
Bitch I Love Money!!! Whoo!!!
Smoke Kush Just to levitate on some new ways to make more money
I day dream about money, Everyday!
Tell Gray the real Gray, kick his feet up, I’ma bring the money home, whoo!
So I grind, money on my mind, mind on my money
You hating on me, you nothing but a dummy
Focus on the money
Matter fact you focused on the money cause you watching me, while my G’s are
watching you
You wouldn’t make a dime, even if you were thrown in a pool full of money
Money buy myself a house, buy myself a spouse, Yah!
Money buy myself some jewels, buy myself some pools
(Swear to God I’ma die with a mill plus x2)
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10-11-2018, 17:32 49 0 Red Fox
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