Quavo, Lil Baby - LOSE IT

29-10-2018, 13:26 230 0 Red Fox
  • Год: 2018
  • Размер: 5.44 Мб
  • Длительность: 03:57
  • Качество: 192 Кбит/с
  • Входит в альбом: QUAVO HUNCHO
Quavo, Lil Baby - LOSE IT

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Текст песни
Pull up, I’m the life of the party
4×4 truck sittin' on Forgis
488 with a 8, that’s Yachty
Lime Lamborghini sittin' pretty, that’s Cardi
Blue Lamborghini Diablo, gon' Offset’s
Havin' talks in the Wraith, 'bout to take off
Me and Pee in the Dawn havin' boss talks
Got the game from, bruh, that’s where I walk
What am I gonna do when all these girls
In the city goin' crazy over me?
Take the tints off the car so they can see me
Slick, intimidatin', niggas wanna be me
PJ when we creepin', they won’t ever see me
Ain’t too into cameras, but they got to see me
Diamonds on my fingers, I’m a superstar
All in there like sneakin' with a superstar
Hit me if you want, I’m not gonna make a call
Marlo’s still trappin' in them trap house
Cartier, solitaire, golf ball
Real big dog, I won’t fuck with y’all
Made it to the charts, they know who I am
Shout out to my fans, really fuck with y’all
Internet beef, I won’t get involved
If it’s real problems, then it’s gettin' solved
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, she lookin' like a movie, yeah (Woo, bad, yeah)
I think that I’ma choose her, yeah (Choose her, hoo, yeah)
Back that ass up, no Juvie, yeah (Juvie, hoo, yeah)
Throw them racks, go stupid, yeah (Racks, stupid, yeah)
Squeeze my shot like Uzis, yeah (Shoot, Uzi, yeah)
When I slide on her, yeah (Skrrt, slide, yeah)
Heard she wet, Jacuzzi, yeah (Splash, wet, yeah)
Make me go, make me go, make me go lose it
When I say (Lose it)
She gonna make a nigga lose it
I’m talkin' big money
Big money, thumb throughin' it (Hey)
Not through with it (Nah, nah)
Not through with it (Nah)
She all on the phone with her last nigga
Say that pussy is mine, he losin' it (Brrt, yeah)
She poppin' it, I’m ownin' it (Yeah)
She droppin' it, it’s stoppin' it (Stop), lose it (Yeah)
Out of control, she movin' it (Ooh, yeah)
It’s movin' (Woo)
It’s a movie (Woo)
She walkin' around in Nike leggings (Ooh, yeah)
Just doin' it (Go!)
Don’t get involved with her besties, they messy
Spent a fifty ball on her neckpiece, she flexing
I don’t give no calls, I just hit her with the texting
Emoji all drippin', leakin' waterfalls, yeah
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29-10-2018, 13:26 230 0 Red Fox
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